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Today SewEasy is one of the world's largest ranges in quilting and patchwork accessories. Expanding from the original rulers and marking tools, we have developed cutters and mats, storage solutions and many other quilters aids.

Our product range is split into various categories, making downloading your desired section quick and easy.
Quilting Rulers, Templates, Measuring Tools
5665.9 KB
Rotary Cutters, Spare Blades & Cutting Mats
1291.4 KB
Quilting Miscellaneous Accessories
1230.8 KB
Quilting Bias Tapes & Makers
515.4 KB
Needles, Threaders, Pins, Safety Pins, Pin Cushions
1112.6 KB
Hand Tools, Thimbles, Marking Tools
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Fabric markers , Fabric Pencils
327.3 KB
Storage, Lamps, Pressing Accessories
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